Catering to client needs and requirements,
we work in three different plans.


The hourly plan is good for complex projects that are ongoing. Clients pay an hourly rate that is signed in the contract. Clients can revise the size of the team and the project duration to meet their needs at any point to make the project successful.

“Initially, we gain an understanding of your business goals and end-user needs. We guide you through an initial decision-making process, determine priorities and establish best practices for communication, progress reports, and delivery.”


The fixed cost plan suggests working fixed hours and getting paid a fixed price for the work done. We guarantee that development will be done on time and within the budget, cost agreed with the customer.

“Our development team collaborates through product building process with emphasis on functionality and a flawless experience. We prioritize features and scope to tackle each goal step by step, with weekly tracking.” 


Our employees can work at the client's place. This plan is perfect for implementing new frameworks on the client’s workplace and who need constant interaction with the client.

“We work with you every step of the way to make sure your launch is optimal and a significant win for all. We offer training and maintenance to ensure a smooth transition for your teamhand-off and launch.”

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